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The following information is now available at the Travel Agency website
<>, where more information about
hotels, city, etc., will be included.  The people in charge are Apolo
and Ulises Bonilla, the owners of "Turismo El Convento de Oaxaca".  This
travel agency has offices at some of the hotels included in our program,
and in particular at the Camino Real.  We have designed two different
packages, either with 5 or 3 nights at Oaxaca.  Extra nights can be
added.  Each package includes 4 lunches, a Guelaguetza dinner (a Mexican
banquet with typical dancers), and a 3-hour trip to the archaelogical
site of Monte Alban (scheduled for Sunday, 11 a.m.).  A typical menu for
lunch would consist on natural fruit juices, salads, two main dishes
(pasta or meat), coffee and tea (vegetarian food included).

Registration in Oaxaca will begin Tuesday, July 6, from 4 p.m. until 8
p.m., and will continue on subsequent days.

[Note:  The relative quality of hotels is designated by the number of
asterisks (*) and the price.  The travel agency will reserve a room for
you where one is available at the rate you request.  All hotels are
located dowtown near Santo Domingo, except Victoria and Mision de los
Angeles, which are a very nice 12-minute walk from Santo Domingo.]


                                  SINGLE    DOUBLE    EXTRANIGHT
*** HOTELS           $ 235.00  $ 176.00  $ 42.00         $ 50.00
**** HOTELS         $ 310.00  $ 216.00  $ 65.00         $ 50.00
***** HOTELS      $ 455.00  $ 291.00  $ 112.00       $ 50.00
Gran Turismo         $ 610.00  $ 366.00  $ 160.00       $ 50.00


                                SINGLE       DOUBLE     EXTRA NIGHT
*** HOTELS           $ 305.00   $ 216.00     $ 42.00    $ 50.00
**** HOTELS         $ 420.00   $ 261.00    $ 65.00    $ 50.00
***** HOTELS      $ 660.00    $ 386.00    $112.00   $ 50.00
Gran Turismo         $ 900.00   $ 496.00     $160.00   $ 50.00

These prices include 4 lunches at the Camino Real Hotel and taxes, the
Guelaguetza dinner (Friday night), and the field trip to Monte Alban.

1. Transportation from Airport to Hotel - Airport (Edna and Ana took a
taxi that cost us $15 mexican pesos ($1.5 USD) and it takes 15-20
minutes from airport to downtown.)
2. Drinks at the banquet dinner, "La Guelaguetza".
3. Tips to spanish-english tourist guides ( optional ).
4. Breakfast or dinners other than the 4 lunches at Camino Real.
5. Any other non-specified service.

1. Prices are per person, in United States dollars or Mexican pesos at
the current exchange price.
2. Payments have to be done by check deposit on either of these
accounts:  (due to mexican legislation it is NOT possible to do credit
card payments)

   Name:  Turismo El Convento de Oaxaca, S.A. de C.V.
   Bank:  Santander Mexicano
   Account number:  5150054420-7
   SUCURSAL:  455 San Felipe
   City:  Oaxaca; Country: Mexico


   Name:  Ulises Bonilla MartĚnez
   Bank:  California Commerce Bank
   Number account:  5905121010
   Phone number from E.E.U.U. 1-800- 222-1243
   Address in the USA: P.O. Box 30886, Los Angeles CA 90030-088

3. 100% prepayment is required
4. A fax with the deposit slip form must be sent after payment has been
done at the following fax number:  (951) 4-03-72.  This is very
important to acknowledge individual payments.

Turismo El Convento de Oaxaca S.A. de C.V.
Apolo J. Bonilla MartĚnez , Sales Manager
Calle 5 de Mayo # 300 Int. Hotel Camino Real Oaxaca, Oax
TEL (951) 6-18-06; FAX (951) 4-03-72

[Note:  If the Travel Agency can not answer all of your questions, Edna
is in charge of hotel logistics for the Society
<[log in to unmask]>.]

[Note:  Phone numbers listed above are for calls within Mexico.  The
country code for Mexico is 52.]

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Hotels are nearby Santo Domingo, except Victoria and Mision de los
Angeles, which are within a 12 min nice-walking distance.
2. Lunch will be normal and vegetarian.
3. Hotel arrangements will be with the travel agency, UNLESS anybody
wants to contact Edna Suarez ([log in to unmask]) for specific
4. We strongly recommend for handicap people to stay at Camino real
5. With the programm we will give maps and so.
6. From the airport one can take a taxi cab that costs 15 mexican pesos
(1.5dls) and it takes 18min to dowtown area.
7. From airport people go directly to the hotel and then to the
registration desk at Santo Domingo
8. In July we can have showers, but the weather is very nice.
9. Don´t panic, Oaxaca is a very safe city.