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Democratising Technology-Theory and Practice of Deliberative Technology

Edited by Rene von Schomberg, published by the International Centre for
Human and Public Affairs (ICHPA), Hengelo, The Netherlands, 125 pages.
ISBN 90-802139-6-9;   19,90  US dollar, order by fax : internat

With this volume a range of international authors contributes to an
ongoing debate on the conceptual and practical development of a
deliberative technology policy. Such a technology policy should bring
the realm of technological innovation within the scope of democratic
decision making. Deliberative technology policy seeks the right balance
between direct public participation which contributes to the legitimacy
of the policy process whereas the quality of the policy process should
be safeguarded by an appropriate mediation of science and policy by

Table of Contents
1. Escaping the iron cage, or, subversive rationalization and democratic
    by Andrew Feenberg (San Diego, State University)
2. Design Criteria and political strategies for democratising technology
    by Richard E. Sclove (Loka Institute)
3   Why the public should participate in technical decision making
    by Carl Mitcham, (Penn State University)
4.Democratizing technology or technologizing democracy- the case of
agricultural biotechnology in Europe
        by Les Levidow (Open University, England)
5. Environmental research between knowledge and organisation
   by G. Bechmann (Institute for Systems analysis, Karlsruhe, Germany)
6. Technology Assessment in a deliberative perspective
    Ole Brekke and Erik Eriksen (Bergen, Norway)