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I Ain’t ‘fraid No Ghosts

Well Being Wednesday’s

Physical Initiative

Groups! We want to encourage you to take a mental break to treat your body, and there is no better way of doing that with others!

Challenge of the Week

Want to work on yourself  alone? Try our challenge of the week! This week a workout. No equipment necessary.


Want to make a group to advance physical health in your own way? Have suggestions? Need more info? Contact Alex Jones to discuss options. [log in to unmask] or (330)442-1832

Personal Initiative

Please be respectful this Halloween and remember that mental illness is not a Halloween costume

Are midterms making you stressed? Check out the American Psychological Association’s list of healthy ways to handle stress. 

Happy Halloween! There are so many fun ways to celebrate without alcohol or substances. 

Tell Us About Your First Half of the Semester!

For most students at the Law School, we are halfway through our first semester of completely on-site, in-person instruction. We should all take a minute (at least) to be proud of getting to this point!

It's also an opportunity to reflect on what UMN Law has done and can do to promote student well-being. So, we created this anonymous survey/suggestion box where students can share their experiences, both what you would like to see more of and what you think is harmful to the Law School culture.

Our goal is to take your concerns and suggestions and push for change that will create a more welcoming and empathetic environment. Thank you for your support!

Advice Column

Any questions, concerns, or topics that you’d like some advice on, feel free to submit them here! You’ll get real advice, and maybe some memes for your situation. 


WBI has created a Resources Page on our website where law students can always go to find support.

Let’s Talk Counselor Kifaya Bishop Coming to the Law School!

UMN Law Well-Being Initiative
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